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Alpine skiing
Enjoy pure skiing !

Alpine skiing is a sliding sport that needs preparation.
By taking ski lessons, skiing will be much easier ! You need to have or rent a good equipment but also you need to appropriate winter clothing. Once you have everything, you can start the adventure on our snowy slopes ! This sport will give you the opportunity to discover wonderful landscapes while learning new technics !

Let’s surf on the snow !

Snowboard was developed in the eighties to try another way of gliding on the snow !

Snowboard let you surf and carve really easily, you can really feel the wave.
Come and learn all the secrets of this sport !

Ski Norvegian style !

Telemark skiing (also known as 'free heel skiing') is a form of downhill skiing using bindings where the boot is attached only at the toe similar to those of Cross-country skiing, allowing the heel to come up from the ski.
Because the heel is free, it allows the skier to go into a lunge position in order to turn.
The act of lunging while turning is a technique called the telemark turn. Telemark is one of the oldest ski techniques.

Backcountry skiing
Take the next step

Backcountry skiing*, also called off-piste skiing, is skiing  in the backcountry on ungroomed and unmarked slopes or pistes.
Now you’re eyeing up that untracked line, it’s within reach, and you’re ready to rip! Accompanied with a regional mountain professional, try to ski differently with lighter material.

 *Reservation at least one week before. The security material is supplied